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Vacation At My Winter Home

Want to get away? Well, the author isn't trying to sponsor Southwest Airlines, but it does fly into Salt Lake City and from there it's a short 45 minutes to the author's personal, winter vacation townhouse, depending on how much of that powdery snow is falling, of course.

Just as his fiction, poetry and pictures provide his readers an escape, now, you can escape and enjoy a week or more in his beautiful, luxurious townhouse near historic Old Park City, Utah. Stay where he lives and enjoy your favorite winter sport knowing that luxurious accommodations await your return. You can find all the information to reward yourself with a dream vacation at Whether you ski or simply enjoy reading his works, please don't delay. The holidays will soon be upon us and the best weeks for a memorable vacation will be in high demand. Whether it's Christmas, the Sundance Film Festival or spring break, you can't pass up this once-in-a-lifetime experience with family and friends.

Luxurious Mountain Townhouse Near Park City / Dear Valley. Rent this lovely vacation home in Utah. Available at times during ski season.

Vacation home located in Utah is available for rental.


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